School Readers:

1988:                        The Great Pumpkin Battle: Shortland

1990:                        A Surprise for Anna: Cocky’s Circle

2001:                        Seven readers for Pearson Education, Singapore

2003:                        What Date is That?: Dominie Press

2006:                        The Man: Gilt Edge

2006:                        Rosh: Gilt Edge

2006:                        Annie and Mitch: Gilt Edge

2007:                         The Man Decides: Gilt Edge

Finding Abe: Gilt Edge

Be Yourself (and other useless advice): Gilt Edge

Short mid-grade novels:

1994:                        Over the Edge: Scholastic

1999:                        Keep Out: Learning Media

1995:                        Dear Pop: Land’s End

1995:                        The Rich and Famous Body and the Empty Chequebook: Land’s End

2000:                  Trucker: Learning Media


1992:                        Slide the Corner: Scholastic

1993:                         Against the Tide: HarperCollins

1993:                        Driving a Bargain: HarperCollins (republished 2000  Scholastic)

1995:                         The Fortune Teller: HarperCollins

1995:                        Fifteen and Screaming: HarperCollins

1996:                         Rockman:  HarperCollins

1998:                         I am not Esther: Long Acre Press

1998:                        Further Back Than Zero: Scholastic

1999:                        Destination Disaster: Shortland Publications

1999:                        Playing to Win :Scholastic

2000:                        Deadly Prospect: Scholastic

2000:                        Ambushed: Scholastic

2002:                        Lucky for Some: Scholastic

2003:                        Red Dog in Bandit Country (non fiction, co-authored) Longacre

2004:                         Lacey and the Drama Queens: Scholastic

2004:                        Walking Lightly: Mallinson Rendel

2004:                        A New song in the Land: Scholastic (Republished 2009 as Mission Girl)

2006:                         A Respectable Girl: Simon & Schuster (London) Random House (New Zealand)

2006:                         Saving Mr Spender: Mallinson Rendel

2007:                         The Transformation of Minna Hargreaves

2007:                         My Life of Crime: Mallinson Rendel

2008:                        Quin Majik and the Marvellous Machine: Mallinson Rendel

2008:                        No Time for Dreaming: Gilt Edge

2008:                        Juno of Taris: Random House Australia, Random House New Zealand

2009:                        End of the Alphabet: Random House

2009:                        Quin Majik and the Hairy Roof Rescue: Mallinson Rendel

2010:                        Quin Majik and the Tidy Street Catastrophe: Mallinson Rendel

2010:                        Fierce September: Random House (second in the Juno series. )

2011:                         Dirt Bomb: Random House.

2011:                         Heart of Danger (third book in the Juno series): Random House.

2012:                        The Boy in the Olive Grove (Random House)

Adult Non-fiction:

2009:                        Sins of the Father. (subtitle: The Long Shadow of a Religious Cult)

Longacre Press

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  1. Hi My name is Yvonne Schouten and I’m from Ngatea Primary school in New Zealand. Me and my reading group are reading your book ‘End of the Alphabet’ It’s An awesome book!

    • Hello Mei. YOu should be able to get Nash’s story by going to: and click on the ‘something extra’ link to read ‘Nash’s Story.’ That should work – I hope! And I’m sorry to say there aren’t any more Juno stories. I didn’t intend to write more than one when I wrote Juno of Taris, but she seemed to want more of her story told.
      Best wishes, Fleur

      • The contact website at the end of Heart of Danger no longer exists, is there anywhere else I could find it? I’ve looked at the current random house one and found it pretty useless for this sort of request. I also tried to register and that sent me in circles denying my login details.

  2. Hi Fleur,
    I really like your books. I started reading them when I came across Lucky for some in the school library. Ever since I have always enjoyed reading your books. Also I am starting to read Juno of Taris. Keep up the good work!!

  3. Thanks Emma. I hope you’ll enjoy Juno as well. She was an intriguing character to write about although I was surprised she ended up needing three and a bit books to tell her story!

  4. Hi – why did you decide to use the possibility of past lives in The Boy in the Olive Grove? What do you think it adds to the novel that would not have been there otherwise? It is interesting to have a novel contrasting the traditional view of a step-mother with birth mother. Where did your motivation for this novel come and how would you sum up its main theme? Thank you for writing such interesting novels.

    • Hi Anne. I was given a book about past lives and got hooked on the possibilities for stories. What did it add to the novel? Hmmm! Tricky. It would have been a different sort of story without that element. Bess would have had to find some other way of coming to terms with Iris and her mother. As for themes – I don’t think about theme when I’m working out a story because I find that for me it works best to try and write a strong story about characters who come alive in my head. Thank you for your comments.

  5. Hi Fleur

    I have got most of your books and I really enjoy reading them I think they are a really neat book to read and I have told my other friends about them to and they have really enjoyed them, as well.

    I always look out for your latest book and buy it and read it keep them coming .

    • Thanks Belynda – and lovely to hear from you. Thank you too for being such a good ambassador for my books. It was a nice surprise to bump into your mum in the gardens a while ago. I hope things are going well for you.

  6. Hi Fleur
    It’s always been a bit of a struggle to get my 12 year old son interested in reading. Luckily, we came across Speed Freak which he loved. We have just purchased Speed Bomb today. Of the books you have written, which are more “boy” orientated as I love to see him interested in reading. Thanks.

    • Hello Gaye,
      That’s lovely to hear! The other one that he might like is called Slide the Corner and is about Greg who is desperate to become a rally driver.

    • Hi Athena,
      Yes it’s true! After about 16 years it seemed the right time to write the sequel. It is called I am Rebecca and comes out early August.

  7. Hi, I’m Rebecca. I loooove the Juno of Taris series. I have read all the books twice and the last one three times. I have read Nash’s Story before and want to read it again but I can’t find it on the Random House website that is at the end of the book.

    • Thanks for letting me know about this. I’ve rung Random House and they say the link went down for no apparent reason but the techie guy says he hopes to have it fixed by the end of the week.
      Hey, so good to hear you want to read Nash’s story again and that you love the series!

  8. hi my name is Hanni from parafield garden high school. I really really likes your book especially juno of taris and fierce September. can you write more book like this <3<3 keep up the good work!!!!! fighting !!!

    • Thanks, Hanni. I’ve written quite a few other books too. You might like ‘I am not Esther’ and its sequel ‘I am Rebecca.’
      Best wishes

  9. Hi my name is Imaan Brown from Blockhouse Bay Intermediate in New Zealand. My friend Amita and I are in love with I am not Esther and I am Rebecca we were wondering if there was going to be another book. Our teacher also said you taught her for English her name is Jenny Howsam 🙂

    • HI Imaan – and please say hi from me to Anita and your teacher. Did she have a different last name when I taught her? I’m very happy to hear that you love those two books, and yes the third one is due out in September. It’s called Being Magdalene. It will be the last one in the series – I hope you enjoy it!

      • Arghhhh I’m so excited can’t wait to read it. I will find out my teachers old last name tomorrow. Will you be having like a book signing cause I would love to get the last book when it comes out signed by you.

  10. Hello,
    Arghhhh I’m so excited can’t wait to read it. I will find out my teachers old last name tomorrow. Will you be having like a book signing cause I would love to get the last book when it comes out signed by you.

    • Hi Imaan, Yes, I remember your teacher. Please say hello to her from me – it’s great to hear what she’s doing now (and that she’s a teacher!) About a book signing – there aren’t any plans for that to happen, I’m sorry to say. All the best to you, Anita and your teacher.

  11. Hi Fleur, I’m Angela. I’ve recently finished the Juno trilogy and I love it so much. I went online to find Nash’s story but it wasn’t there 😦
    The site said that webpage was either deleted or removed, but I really want to find out more about Juno and Nash. Is there any other way that I could find Nash’s story?

  12. Hi Fleur, my name is Angela and I recently finished reading the Juno trilogy. I love it so much, and as soon as I finished Heart Of Danger, I went online to try and find Nash’s story. Sadly, the website said it was either deleted or removed 😦
    Is there any other way that I can find more about Juno and Nash?

  13. Hi!
    My name is Mia and I am from St Mary’s College in Auckland.
    My class was reading I am Not Esther for school, and it is AMAZING! Have you written a book about Miriam’s story? If not, I think it would be really cool! Also, what inspired you to write I am not Esther, and how do you come up with ideas for books?

    • Hi Sarah. Alas, the book has been out of print for quite some time by now. The only likely place to find it would be a second hand bookshop. Best of luck! Fleur

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